Thursday, December 29, 2011

Managing Startups: Best Posts of 2011

Here's my compilation of 2011's best posts about managing startups. I assembled similar lists at the end of
2010 and 2009. Please use comments to suggest additional posts. Happy New Year!

Lean Startup
  • Eric Ries's book, The Lean Startup, is a must-read for entrepreneurs.
  • Elad Gil outlines the pros and cons of staying in stealth mode.
  • Andrew Chen unpacks the concept of product-market fit.
  • The Startup Genome Project presents research on thousands of startups in a pair of reports. Be sure to read their report on premature scaling, the leading cause of startup failure.
Business Models
Naming a Startup
Customer Discovery and Validation
Demand Generation and Optimization
PR Strategy
Viral Marketing
Sales Management
Business Development
  • Chris Dixon on the Goldilocks Principle of business development, that is, how a big company may view partnership opportunities with a startup that is "too hot" vs. "too cold" vs. "just right."
  • Fred Wilson on how an orientation toward users versus brands should drive business development and other priorities at a startup.
  • Curtis Smolar on the legality of content scraping.
Funding Strategy
Are We in a Bubble?
Founder Issues
Recruiting and HR Policy Issues
Board Management
Management Advice, Not Elsewhere Classified
Startup Failure
The Startup Mindset and Coping with Emotional Pressures
Career Planning Issues
Tools for Entrepreneurs


  1. This is much so I'll be needing time to check them all... I'm excited to know more about what's behind the list.

  2. Thank you very much for this awesome list..

  3. Eric Ries's interviews =>

    They are really good...

  4. Is something wrong with the 'Startup Genome' link mentioned in the post? It is not loading the page.

  5. Thanks, Mohan, I fixed the Startup Genome link.

    Thanks Gaurav: in addition to the terrific Mark Suster interview of Eric Ries that you pointed to, this Mixergy podcast interview of Eric is very good:

  6. Fantastic set of resources! Great to have them all in one place!

  7. Hmmm...

    Nice post, useful too but need a lot of time to go through.

    It's a useful resource for a starter like me.

    Thanks a lot.

    Sadiq Mukhi

  8. Fantastic. never seen such a good compilation on startups!.

  9. Thank you so much! Unbelievable how much insight and perspective can be gained.

  10. great compilation. This is like an open startup school!

  11. This is a fantastically useful resource - thanks for sharing Tom. Just tweeted to play it forward!
    Dorje Mundle

  12. For resources our company can help people create a lean launch page.

    Then we also have a collection of articles here about how to build your user base:

  13. You forgot to add any posts about female startups. Here is a great one from Startup Genome Compass who are now benchmarking female startups

  14. Awesome, thanks for the list of resources! Do you have any posts about data modeling platforms or predictive analytics solutions? Thanks again.